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  • With my over 15 years of investment and researching experience, I’m dedicated to finding a legitimate company or platform for my client.
  • In my quest for Investment and love for satisfying my client, I come across Trade Express. Trade Express (TradeXP) Trading claims to be trading with more than 10 years of experienceTrade Express (TradeXP) claims to have a highly profitable investment platform where you can secure investment on a daily basis and earn a formidable profit from jthe comfort of your home.  They claim to  a team of skilled analysts, experienced traders and a global network of offices and regulations spans Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and we have already attracted over 3 million clients across 180 countries.
  • Going by my finding,  there is nowhere their office is located in any of the above-mentioned continents which makes this company an obvious scam. In my quest to get in touch with any of the management in social media proved abortive so in a nutshell, the company is a scam. I would suggest that people should be conscious of their dealing with this company.

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