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Adswage is a multinational technology company that specializes in internet advertising and ad revenue sharing.  They claim users can earn money by viewing ads, as well as inviting friends. The question now is whether the claims are real and if they keep to them. In this post, we will try to investigate the platform to find out if it is legit or just another scam.


Upon visiting the Adswage website, it seems straightforward – we read that users can earn money by viewing ads and advertisers have opportunities to promote their brand. This sounds simple by mere reading. However, a deeper look reveals complexity. First, in order to view ads, one is required to fund their account.  And there are subscription plans that determine how much you will be earning from the ad viewing. This is different from the usual free get-paid-to-click sites we have seen.  This is not to say that it is not good, at least, it’s not the first subscription-based get-paid-to-click site. But then, is it worth it? You will find out here.

When we reviewed the subscription plans, they looked promising.  For example, the first plan which they titled “Member” yields 2.3% daily compound ad revenue to the users. That is if you subscribe to it, you will earn 2.3% daily compound revenue on your ad balance. If we calculate 2.3% daily compound revenue, you will get almost 2 times your capital in a month. We would have considered this outrageous and an outright scam but when we read further, we saw that the platform charges 50% fees on every user deposit, So, if you deposit $100, you are going to get $50 in your ad balance. If you start viewing ads, in a month, the $50 will double to your initial deposit of $100. If you leave the $100 in the system without withdrawing it for another month, it will double to $200. If you leave it to another month which is the third month, you will have $600 and it continues to double until you hit the maximum earning balance. Interesting right? Yes, that is why we mentioned that it is a bit complex. With the 50% fees the company charges on deposits and the revenues they are generating from their advertisers, we think that this is achievable and sustainable in the long run.

The next thing we had to check was the withdrawal method and the processes. Unlike other platforms we have reviewed before, we found the Adswage withdrawal process to be quite straightforward. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $5. Also, when you fund your account, after the 50% charge is taken, the remaining half which is deposited to your Ad balance is withdrawalable. That is; if you join the platform today and by any chance you feel you don’t like it, you still have access to half of your deposit. So, instead of forfeiting all, you can withdraw the half. Most websites we have reviewed do not offer this opportunity.  What about the withdrawal fee? We expected the withdrawal fee to be high but we were proved wrong. You can withdraw money from this platform without paying a dime. Scam platforms usually impose a high fee on their withdrawal to discourage users from withdrawing their money. On Adswage, you can withdraw without paying any fees and as little as $5. This suggests that the platform is not a scam and that they are out for a real business.

What other benefits does Adswage offer? If you are a member of the platform, you can use your Ad balance or Referral balance to promote your business on the platform and it is quite straightforward. So, you are not just limited to making money from the platform, you can use the platform to promote your business and even earn more money.  When we try to determine if a website is a scam or not, one of the things we usually check is if it offers any real-world use cases other than depositing money and withdrawing profits. In the case of Adswage, there is a real-world use case.

Finally, this is not a complete review. We recommend that you join the platform and go through its FAQs and terms of use to learn more about it yourself. Based on our investigation, we consider Adswage as a legitimate platform with huge earning potential and not a  scam you might have  thought.

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