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With the high rate of economic hardship due to the pandemic, it would be a good decision to have a different stream of income through investment.  There are numerous companies out there looking for investors, as a professional investor it’s left for you to do a background check on the company to know how legit and reliable they are. Today I will be doing a background check about the cryptospot company.

Cryptospot is an online investment platform where trading of digital currency is done online. It’s believed to be a place where investors invest their money using cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litcoin, etherum, or USD to earn passive income.

Crptospot Homepage

Cryptospot claims to be an investment platform that does not require any trading, cryptocurrency, or derivative skills from its investor. The company will earn for you and multiply your money when you make you invest in the platform using any of their accepted digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litcoin, etherum, or USD, etc.

CRYPTO SPOT LTD was founded in January 2021 by a team of traders who combined professionalism and non-standard results in the crypto markets. Daniel Hunt was the one who assembled a team of the most experienced experts in his opinion to develop this platform according to the information I have gotten. From January until August 2021, they believe to have tested their capabilities to be sure that they were able to provide their users with such large returns on the money they invest.  They invite everyone to take advantage of one of the three investment plans, depending on the amount of your contribution and start your adventure with passive earning on an unprecedented scale. They also encourage you to participate in their referral program and invite others. For their part, they provide a 100% professional approach, full transparency, and security of your funds.

Cryptospot investment plan page

How long does it take to get paid?  Cryptospot claims to pays out the profits of your investment every 24 hours. This allows you to check their solvency every day according to their admin.

How does their referral work?

Every registered user can participate in their referral program. You don’t even need to have your deposit. Invite as many people as possible, build your structure and receive a commission on each deposit of your referrals. You can build a structure 3 levels down direct referrals, referrals from the second and third lines. The commission offered by us is:


Steps On How To Register:

Registration will take you up to 1 minute. Remember to provide a valid e-mail address, create also your username and password and note them where you can never forget it because you will be using it  to access your investment on the platform.

Cryptospot Accepted digital currency page

How To Make a Deposit

You can invest USD or transfer the given value in one of the 13 cryptocurrencies they accept like bitcoin, litcoin, etherum, etc. The process is quick and simple according to the company. All you have to do is wait for your profits and enjoy the increasing account balance every 24 hours. You can reinvest or withdraw your profits.

How Legit Is This Platform?

As an investor, after going through all the background checks about this company for the sake of some people who might be misleading the public. It’s worthy to say the truth and save some people out there.  I have gone through the different social media platforms searching for the review about this company and I find out that they are scams. After running a check, I couldn’t find a single positive review about the platform. The number of people complaining about how they have been scam through the Cryptospot platform is numerous which makes it an obvious scam platform. So I can’t recommend this platform to anybody.

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