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Investment opportunities are everywhere, our major problem remains how to identify it and make sure that it is legit and reliable. This major problem remains the main reason why most of us investors are always researching about every latest investment company that comes out to checkmate how legit and reliable the company is.

Cryptocurrency has come to stay, and it has turn so many people into multi-millionaires. Today we will be reviewing the legitimacy of this new platform called Prominers-doge.

Prominers-doge claims to be a cryptocurrency trading platform where investors are promised some enticing percentage return of investment. They are mainly into cryptocurrency and they claim to be using the best technology in the world for their trading. The

Prominers-doge also promises 23% for every individual who registers and invests in the platform through your referral link in the platform, they called it they’re affiliated program. They are urging investors to utilize the opportunity and advertise  the platform in every social media so that they can earn more whenever someone joins through your referral link.

The Prominer-doge plans are categorized below;



Prominers.doge free plan page


Prominers-doge starter plan pageM


MProminers-doge Basic Page


Prominers-doge standard plan page


Prominers-doge Professional page


Prominers-doge enterprise pageI


Prominers-doge platinum pageZ


  1. Prominers-doge superior page


Prominers-doge gold pageZ


Prominer-doge special page


Is Prominer-doge legit or not?  Based on my research, Prominer-doge is not what they claim to be. Yes, I have gone through different reviews about the platform and they are not convincing at all. They claim to be working with professionals in the field of cryptocurrency but when contacted with some of the basic technical problems and questions about cryptocurrency terminology, they could not respond professionally.

From the best of my knowledge as a professional investor, this platform is a total scam and people should be conscious of it and trade with care. You can’t afford to lose your money trading on a platform that is not legit and reliable. I have not seen anything so convincing and positive about this platform called, if you must invest in this platform, use your leisure money.



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