Oldmining.com is a new mining company that promises to yield high income for users, affiliate marketers, and advertisers. They claim that cloud mining and cloud hashing enable the purchase of mining capacity of hardware in data centers.

As usual, this post is focused on finding out if Oldmining.com is a scam or legit. We have seen a lot of websites that came and used mining as a cover-up story for their fraudulent activities.

Is Oldmining.com one of the fraudulent sites or is it legit? That you will be able to find out on this post.

What is Oldmining.com? 


Oldmining.com portrays itself as a Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform. They claim that their data centers host hundreds of miners from around the globe.

A Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that hosts hundreds of miners from around the world, and yet, there is little to no information about them online and offline. We believe that such a giant company should be among the top known Cryptocurrency mining platforms in the world judging by their claim. But the reverse is the case, there are few articles about this self-acclaimed global crypto mining platform.

How to Join Oldmining.com

If you’re interested in joining the platform, you can do so by following the steps outlined here.

To join Oldmining.com, you will need to create an account on the platform. You can do that by visiting the website.

When you get to the site home, look for a button labeled Open Account and click on it. That will bring you to a page where you will be required to enter your registration details, your name, email, password, etc.

After you have filled the form and submitted it, you would be registered and you will be able to access the dashboard with your email and chosen platform.

Is Oldmining.com Scam or Legit?

We believe that Oldmining.com is nothing but a scam. The site does not display any information about those running the platform. It is not registered and they are offering asset management services. That alone is illegal and punishable in the law court.

One thought on “Oldmining.com

  1. Hello, I have a few months in
    By device, planters, free, that, in my possession were put up. mine got, and now on the … 0.01 bitcoin is mined, and 2 email within 1 Week, No. 4, bitcoin, perfect to me as., the prize has been awarded, but the bet is on. during the first 24 hours should be 0.01 bitcoin as the cost of insurance website depositing think. They don’t even allow me to harvest that mineralized amount.
    During a few correspondence, I told them, if I had, 0.01 bitcoin, what was the need to use, your site? I was depositing in a safe place, and the profit was enough for me.
    Today at 11 am, I received another email, that you won 3 bitcoins, to withdraw, deposit 0.01 as soon as possible. I was looking into it. Glad I realized from here, it’s a scam. From
    And all the people, this site, I sincerely appreciate.
    Your job is considered the highest and best in the world, because saving is the property of billions of people. And you’re admirable, and you’re appreciated.

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