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  • As an investment and research expert, I’m always researching to discover a trusted platform that is legit  for my client to invest in.
    Today I will be doing strong background research on Ex funds.com investment platform.
    EX FUNDS.com claim to be a digital asset management platform that allows you to invest funds in one of their two investment plans and achieve a guaranteed daily earnings of 4% to 5%. They  maintain that you have full control of your funds by being able to release your Deposit at any time.
  • I’m meant to understand that this platform is managed by EX Funds LTD company based in London.  According to my findings, they claim to have a team of experienced traders in the cryptocurrency markets, forex, futures and mutual funds.
  • From my background research, i believe that the platform is a scam. I did all my best to get the accurate location of the company head office in London but it is nowhere to be found.  The customer service experience of this platform is unacceptable because you can’t even contact their admin easily which makes them an obvious scam.
  • In my review summary, I would say that Investing in this company is too risky and your investment is not secured.

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