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Yelzon LTD is a cryptocurrency investment platform based in England. They claim to offer up to 11% daily return on investments. In this article, we are going to look into the platform to find out if it is scam or legit.

When you are just starting out to invest online, there’s a good chance that you’ll be making several mistakes. And that is why you need to be guided so you don’t make any mistakes.

There are a lot of scam websites out there.  Some look so legit that it is difficult to tell if they are a scam by merely navigating the websites.

My review is created manually using different data points and my personal experience on the site.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive in.


Company name: Yelzon
legal Name: Yelzon LTD
Registration Status: Active
Registration number: 13461376
Location: England
Address: 270 Moston Lane, Manchester, England, M40 9WB
Incorporated date: 17 June 2021

Yelzon LTD provided information about the people behind the platform however there is no digital footprint linking to the individuals online which suggests that the details are probably fake.

According to Yelzon LTD, they have been in business for many years.  But when I checked the information about the domain (, I found the domain was first registered in January 2020 and that it will expire in March 2024, which is less than 3 years from the time this article was published. As always, if a company’s domain has a short life span and the people who own or run it are not openly known, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Yelzon LTD Products

Yelzon LTD does not have any retail products. They claim the company makes profits through cryptocurrency trading.

Yelzon LTD’s Investment Plans

In general, investors are presented with 4 investment plans (a typical Ponzi structure) with a gradation according to the amount of investment, on which the percentage of profitability ranges from 5% to 11% daily. The minimum investment amount is $20 and the maximum is $50,000. The term of the investment varies from 40 days.

Yelzon LTD’s Compensation Plan

Yelzon LTD offers a 3-level referral program. The referral rate is 6% for the first level, 1% for the second level, and third level.

Yelzon ltd 2

Joining Yelzon LTD

Yelzon LTD’s investment platform can be joined by visiting their website and creating an account with them.  The minimum deposit is $20

Is Yelzon LTD Legit or Scam?

Yelzon LTD is a pyramid scheme where the earnings of the members lie in other new users joining the platform and handing their money over to the managers. As with all pyramid schemes, once registration slows down, the business collapses.

Is Yelzon LTD still paying?

It is yet to be known if Yelzon LTD ever paid and whether they are still paying.


Yelzon LTD is a pyramid scheme and the math behind this guarantees that the platform will eventually collapse leaving the few people that joined it early with some cash and a large part of the money to the owners.


As seen on the website…

About Yelzon LTD

We are world’s leading blockchain-based trading platform. The cryptocurrency investment plans are only minutes away. Invest on the most profitable and sophisticated platform.


Yelzon Ltd is one of the world’s leading blockchain-based trading platforms, and cryptocurrency investment plans are only minutes away. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Working with the most advanced technology in the crypto market, you can confidently earn a profit from our investment plans. The cryptocurrency market is reported as fast-growing and lucrative industry that will have major implications for investments across global markets.
What’s your best idea to make the economy better and especially for those of you who have too much cryptocurrency? Yelzon Ltd. is now actively looking to collaborate with other crypto experts so as to develop new methods that might instill more faith in the general population, while trading for profit.



We have a referral schedule, so think about how many friends and colleagues you could convince to join. All membership includes the 6% – 1% – 1%. That means if someone joins through your affiliate link, you get 6%. And if they refer someone else, then both of you will split the commission on that one! You can also advertise your referral link between friends and colleagues, because this is not a pyramid scheme or an MLM. Rather than paying commissions off the product purchased by new members down levels as with other schemes, we ensure every new member pays their own way





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