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Welcome to my honest Lunofund review!

In this post, I will show you all you need to know about Lunofund and how to earn money from the platform.

What is Lunofund?

Lunofund Logo

Lunofund is Nigeria’s no 1 Bitcoin mining farm offering investment and earning opportunities to all interested parties — beginners and large investors. A member earns a minimum of 2.3% daily compound interest on personal deposits and 20% commission on referral deposits.

I came across the platform through an advert on the Premium Times website. And after going through the FAQs and Terms of Use, I had to try it. Lunofund is unique in the sense that you can easily withdraw your money into your bank account anytime you want.

Lunofund was founded by a team of experts in blockchain programming and IT engineers. The platform allows you to earn 2.3% daily compound interest on your investment. Both profit and capital are withdrawable at your request. Whenever your referral makes a deposit, you also receive 20% of the deposit as commission.

Lunofund Compound Interest Explained

Compound Interest is the interest on the interest from your investment over a long period. In other words, it pays you interest on your capital and also on the dividends of the capital. Unlike simple interest, compound interest allows you to enjoy exponential growth on your investment. For example, Lunofund’s 2.3% daily ROI calculated by simple interest will just give you 69% ROI in a month while in compound interest, it’s around 100% in a month.

As long as you do not withdraw your profit, Lunofund will continue to pay interest on both the original capital and the accumulated profits until it reaches the maximum operating balance of N5,000,000.

How Do I Register?

Registration on Lunofund is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is to click on the Signup link from the site. When the page loads, enter your bank account number and wait for the system to retrieve your details. After that, enter your phone number, email, and password, and submit. Your account will be created automatically. Note that you must fund your account within 48 hours else it will be deleted.

Is Lunofund legit?

So far, Lunofund has proven to be a legitimate platform because it has been paying its users accordingly and as promised.

Is Lunofund Scam?

Lunofund is in no way a scam program, it’s very legit. Unlike other platforms, it makes use of an innovative P2p payment system resistant to a government ban and hacks.

How Do I withdraw/get paid on Lunofund?

At Lunofund, users are paid directly to the bank account they have entered during registration. To withdraw, you will need to login into your account, click on the withdrawal link, choose the balance you want to withdraw from (they have two balances; the referral balance and the mining balance), enter the amount, and submit.

How to fund your Lunofund account

After you have created an account, you can deposit by clicking on the green Deposit button from the dashboard. The deposit page displays a list of active orders. Deposits are made in chronological order, from the first order to the last. The intended deposit amount may be paid in full or bit by bit depending on the orders available. For example, if you intend to deposit N100,000 and the amounts in the list are N10,000, N35,000, N500,000. You will pay firstly N10,000 to the first order, N35,000 to the second order, and the remaining amount to the last order. On the other hand, if the amounts in the list are N800,000, N1000, and N70,000, and you want to deposit for example N200,000, you will not need to split the money, you can pay all at once to the first order of N800,000. The list is updated in real-time, if there are no orders at the time you checked, you are advised to wait or check back in a few minutes.

Can you have more than one account?

According to their Terms of use, multiple accounts by the same user are not allowed. You can only operate one account and if your account gets banned, you are not permitted to have another one. It’s advisable not to have more than one account as your account may be banned for violating the rule.


Thank you for reading my honest review of the Lunofund investment program. The platform is real, paying, and rapidly growing. Click here to visit the website and learn more about it or create your account right away.

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