Cloner homepage

Cloner homepage

After coming back from my office I saw an advertisement about an investment company called Cloner group Ltd. And for everyone who has come across me know that I always do a background check before investing in any platform. So today I will review all I have found about the Cloner Group Ltd for all my clients to know if the company is legit or not.

Cloner Groups  claims to be a large team of specialized professionals in the field of cryptocurrency trading, crypto investments and smart contracts.  Their goal is to create a platform for both creators and investors interested in the technologies of the future.  Regardless of being an advanced investor or a cryptocurrency aficionado, Cloner LTD allows you to set your economic path according to their advert which is a lie because there is no definite plan for the direction of the trading.

Absolutely every member of THE CLONER GROUP LTD, who has expressed a desire to participate in the development of a large-scale and demanded platform, will be able to count on good income dividends which mean that you would have to upgrade your investment plan to grab the offer which I believe is to entice you and in the process defraud you. They say that their technology will be distributed on many countries and their team of professional marketers will make every effort to achieve this which I have not seen the technology or its name anywhere on this earth.

In summary, the direction of this particular platform is not clear and there is no head office location for the company which means that everything is done and programmed online. In nutshell, this company is a scam and people should be careful of their deals with the company.

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