Bitmama homepage

Bitmama homepage

Bitmama was Founded in April of 2016 according to my research, Bitmama started out as a P2P digital currency exchange. It quickly grew into a platform where traders buy and sell with new digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

The truth is that Cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated by any government and are available to anyone on the internet. With cryptocurrency, you own the private and public key that makes up your cryptocurrency address.

One of the amazing things about Cryptocurrencies is that it’s primarily digital and cannot be counterfeited as with fiat based credit cards. They also prevent identity theft by only providing the amount of currency needed for a transaction and nothing more.

For the main time, there are only a few reviews about Bitmama. Going by the years that they have been in existence, I’m still wondering why they ain’t popular and I have only seen a little or no review about them. From my trading and investment  experience, I would recommend Binance to anyone interested in investing with cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litcoin, etherum, etc on any platform.




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